About The Fabric Lounge

Life a too short for bad fabric

The Fabric Lounge is owned and operated by Skaberlyst, and is managed on a daily basis by a talented team of visionaries.

Good clothes consist of two things: Good materials, and good craftsmanship. So here you get half of what it takes to make a good garment - the other half you can learn in our online sewing courses on our main site www.skaberlyst.dk.

The Fabric Lounge is run by a bunch of synods. We sew our own clothes because we love the process and the result. We get the best results by making the right decisions early in the process - and we've learned the hard way that it doesn't pay to choose poor quality fabrics. Maybe you've learned the same? If so, you've come to the right place.

When you buy fabric at The Fabric Lounge, you get your hands on exclusive fabrics from the major fashion houses in France*. In collaboration with our supplier, we have access to the remnants of French and Italian fabric manufacturers, where brands such as BALMAIN, Louis Vuitton, CELINE, Dior and many others have their fabrics produced. As these are remnants, some fabrics will be available in very limited quantities. It will also sometimes be the case that not all data about the fabric is known, such as the exact fibre composition. On the other hand, you get the exclusive fabrics at sharp prices.

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*A few items from other remaining lots may appear

Only the best will be selected

The Fabric Lounge is the webshop for those who sew their own (or others') clothes and prioritise quality. There is a careful selection, which varies depending on the availability of fabrics. All fabrics are selected with the vision of turning them into a garment you will love. With this in mind, qualities in silk, wool, cotton, viscose and linen are given absolute priority - the natural fibres provide breathability and the garment will be comfortable to wear without compromising on your style. Check out the exciting range in the shop - and remember, don't wait too long if you've really fallen in love.